OIKOS – Cooperativa Turismo Culturale


Offida: city rich in historical and artistic treasures and traditions that characterize the place and the people, pleasant land and crossroads of cultures, myths and legends, which are rooted in the depths of history.

Within this privileged cultural reality, since 1997 works in the front line “Cooperativa Oikos” , whose main aim and objective is the will to create a real company that operates in an integrated and versatile in tourism and cultural entire Piceno territory.
Its operators are engaged professionally in the production bobbin lace of Offida and in tourist and museum services.

In particular, the Cooperativa Oikos manages on behalf of the municipal administration open to the public and guided tours of the major Offida cultural sites such as the Museums of Palazzo De Castellotti , the Teatro Golden Snake and the beautiful fourteenth century Church of Santa Maria della Rocca , well known in Italy and all ‘foreign to its characteristics and peculiarities that put it in a top position compared to other local tourist destinations.

In recent years the Oikos Cooperative has paid great attention to the development of the historical and architectural assets managed as a cultural resource, and enhanced by promoting a series of events organized in collaboration with the Municipality of Offida, such as vacation packages, tours (also in English) and educational workshops for groups and schools, fairs and flea markets for local crafts promotion, conventions, conferences, art exhibitions, concerts and in the direct management of other museums.
In the future the cooperative Oikos intends to continue its activities with a view to full and fruitful collaboration with the City of Offida, improving more and more the quality, quantity and variety of services offered and always remaining true to its mission: promoting the history, traditions and culture of the Piceno and Offida, in the service of tourists.

Therefore, the main formula of Oikos Cooperative was, is and will be to deeply believe in the combination of history, art, culture and local traditions; this union, in fact, made Offida, especially in recent years, one of the most visited destinations across the province.



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