Discover a new destination for your wedding!!!

Have you ever dreamed of living a “romantic getaway”? Of taking a plane and flying to one of the Countries of love par excellence such as Italy and marrying in the land  of Romeo and Juliet, of Dante and Beatric and to come back with the wedding bands on the fingers, fresh and relaxed after a honeymoon enriched by the sea, sun, countryside, history and culture? Until a few years ago, this was “something for VIPs” or something that only “the rich” could do, today this is no longer the case!!!


Flights are becoming ever cheaper and the internet offers endless opportunities to find solutions for all tastes and above all for all wallets!

And so we present you ,  the portal born to let you get to know one of the most beautiful regions of Italy! It is the birthplace of innumerable famous people, including poets, writers, architects and musicians. Marche is a region rich in history and culture, but also of a variety of landscapes that will enchant the eyes of whoever passes through here: between the sea, the mountains and the soft hills, kilometers of well equipped beaches that alternate with rocky capes, enchanting villages and hamlets, old castles and modern advanced wellnesscenters, the Marche region is all to be discovered. It is no coincidence that it has been called the “new Tuscany” with a sole and unique difference: since Marche is still little known according to the tourists that have visited it and written reviews, it still retains the intimacy, privacy and the simplicity that once typified the real Italy!_MG_7811

Here you will be able to make your love dream come true without spending a fortune, but having available a vast range of choices and possibilities: the setting, the location, absolutely genuine food, the accommodation facilities to lodge your family or friends and unforgettable wedding.

But it does not end here because, due to its central location in respect to the rest of Italy, you will be able to use it as a starting point to visit all of Italy’s most important cities which can be reached in a couple of hours (2 hours from Rome, 3 from Venice and 1 hour from  Ancona also forth).

If we have managed to at least stir your interest in this region, we invite you to visit the www.  where you will be able to get a closer look at this land, to find advice and suggestions for your Italian Wedding and our wedding packages.



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