From a training course to the network, how was born Bellissimo Wedding

The blog Bellissimo Events results from an innovative training program called “Destination Wedding and Event Manager“.

The course, aimed to owners and companies employees, is funded by Marche Region (Legge n. 53/2000 art. 6 comma 4 – Interventi di promozione di Piani Formativi aziendali, settoriali e territoriali)  is divided in two training actions:

  • one is focused on the Image industry, with the specialization “Event Planner, Bridal Stylist and Image Consultant”, for companies that deal with fashion, style, fashion design, communications, graphics and promotion, exhibitions, photography, hairstyles;
  • the other focuses on the Accommodation industry, with the specialization “Hospitality and Tourism Manager”, and includes companies that deal with reception, catering, incoming, tourist services

The course develops skills related to specific professional figures such as: Bridal Stylist and Image Consultant, Wedding Planner, Event Manager, Event marketing manager and social media manager specializing in the event sector.

The key feature of the project is the creation, at the end of the trail, a network of companies specialized in wedding and event organization, in close liaison with location for weddings, business events and meetings, catering and banqueting companies, agencies and suppliers.

That’s how is born Bellissimo Wedding a group of companies designed as a set of distinct activities, but linked by strong mutual ties: organizational, cognitive, managerial, promotional and commercial.

The network goes to involve all sectors of the management of an event, from the organization to the promotion, marketing and sale of the package of products / services.

The affected production sectors are the most diversified, and at the same time complementary to each other (tourism, culture, fashion, crafts, personal services and welfare), and all linked in the supply chain, both upstream and downstream, by a dense network of productive relationships and trade.


The wedding theme, is an important starting point for the promotion of an elegant and high-quality land that lends itself, with its charming location and craft high-end production, to make the day of the wedding unique and precious, and to build and offer packages of services and original and competitive products to the international customers.

Here the companies that decided to participate in this project:

Borgo Storico Seghetti PanichiCasa Alexis – Kerofuel Esa Boutique, Food & Relax Di Popa Elena & C., I TravelEuro SmileColle Del GiglioAgriturismo Vecchio Gelso, Osteria Cantine Offida Di Nespeca Massimiliano, Sartarelli Venerino e C.Oikos – Società Cooperativa, Schinchirimini AugustaArte Idea di Corbo Loredana, Oropa Diamonds di Gatti Filippo, In Italia Società Cooperativa, Bit Lounge, Integra – Gestione Integrata Sistemi Per La CulturaHopera Ballet Istituto Formazione DanzatoriAr’ya Theatart Ballet Associazione culturale, Tuber Communications Società Cooperativa, Qrstudio – Graphic & Fashion DesignIl Sapore Della LunaF For Fake Comunicazione VisivaSushi AdvCompagnia Dei FolliCottilli Giuseppe, Foto Studio Immagine Snc di Cappelletti B. & Venditti L., Gos di Tosoni Enrica & C.




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